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Filtration Method: Electrostic

Inertial separation is significantly increased by electrostatic charge, positively or negatively charged atoms in the filter attract contaminant particles of opposite charge. Electrostic charge can be seen to temporarily improve filtration efficiency by attracting particles with more or less charge to the filter media; this neutralises or balances the filter system charge which after a short period reduces the number of contaminant particles previously being attracted to the media fibres.

Filters can have electrostatic charge artificially induced into them, to improve initial efficiency  but over time due to dust loading this charge is balanced and the filter will become less efficient. All filter products will have some level of electrostatic charge; synthetic polymer based products are receptive to induced electrostatic charge where as glass based products are not.

In the interest of fairness the industry tests for electrostatic charge as part of the EN779 and EN1822 filtration tests, for more information click the standard links.

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