Gas Turbine Filtration


Filtration Methods: 

Straining and inertial separation are the principle methods for filtration, with interception, diffusion (Brownian motion) and electrostatic charge being specific forms of inertial separation.

These principles are used for contaminant filtration with varying levels of significance, specific environmentally designed filters can be developed to strengthen each characteristics where needed.

Filtration Accreditation: 

Testing in the filtration industry is an esteemed and essential part of ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction; the industry is heavily standardised and regulated with globally and regionally popular testing methods. 

Eurofilter has a pedigree of performing internal product quality testing procedures from the most fundamental dimensional check confirmation to full product life test standards such as the ARAMCO 32-SAMSS-008.

As a natural part of design and developement, products in the Eurofilter range are independently tested to provide both manufacturing and market assurance. A strong relationship is maintained with all of the industry related test laboratory houses to ensure the highest quality products.

Fram Products

Filtration Methods