Gas Turbine Filtration

Eurofilter Delivers Perfect Balance For Gas-Turbines Air Intake Filtration

Mansfield, UK, October 31st  2013 – Champion Laboratories (Europe) Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of its Eurofilter E10 filter line, designed to offer outstanding initial efficiency and pressure drop for use in gas-turbine operation. Featuring a 100% synthetic media constructed from polyester and polyethylene, the Eurofilter E10 filter has been independently tested and certified to EN1822:2009 as an E10 filter, providing excellent all round value to a gas-turbine operation.

“Eurofilter is determined to offer the very best filter solutions and the new Eurofilter E10 filter is a dynamic product that delivers the best all round solution for GT filtration. The advance from EN779 to EN1822 is a significant step and although there are products on the market which offer higher efficiency, this is only one of several factors which make a good filter. Eurofilter believes the perfect balance for filtration in the GT market has been found with Eurofilter E10.” said Ed Owen, Industrial Engineering Manager, Champion Laboratories (Europe) Ltd.

Key features of the Eurofilter E10 Include:

  • Interchangeable components to suit the application and environmental challenge at each site.
  • Independently laboratory tested and certified to EN1822:2009 for E10.
  • Eurofilter-ClenchTM, an inner and outer clenched liner that provides an excellent mechanical lock without damaging the liner surface. Designed to comply with GE TIL 1571.
  • Eurofilter-BeadTM technology maximizes dust-release space, pulsable surface area and provides an even and consistent pleat spacing to prolong the life of the filter.
  • A 100% synthetic media constructed from an extruded polyethylene laminated to a wet-laid polyester support layer providing excellent end user value leading to:
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Reduced component replacement costs
    • Reduced downtime
    • Longer filter life and increased turbine operating efficiency

Based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, Champion Laboratories (Europe) Ltd. has been committed to the advancement of industrial air filtration technology for more than 40 years. Formed in 1972 and formerly known as Eurofilter (Air Filters) Ltd. until 2010, when the company name was changed to Champion Laboratories. In 2011 Champion Laboratories Inc. was combined with Eurofilter from Honeywell CPG to form the Eurofilter Filtration Group which is a division of the $1.5B UCI Eurofilter Filtration Group.

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