Gas Turbine Filtration


EN1822:2009 'High efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA)' European Committee for Standardisation approved release, prepared by the Technical Committee CEN/TC 195 “Air filters for general air cleaning”. The standard splits into five sections, each section can be obtained separately from a country specific vendor for example BSI in the United Kingdom. 

The standard focuses on testing the minimum initial efficiency at the most penetrating particle size, for new and electrostatically discharged filters. The test also provides the filter initial pressure drop as a value in Pascals. The alteration from 0.4 µm to MPPS as a particle size measuring start point, provides a difficult technical challenge to which Eurofilter has created a range of product to EPA level from E10, E11 and E12. To view the range please visit the Product Selection page.


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