Gas Turbine Filtration

EN779:2002 to - EN779:2012

EN779:2002 preceeds to the current release of EN779:2012 and the variation between the two standards is significant. Included in the 2002 release is a test for the initial electrostatic potential of media or filter, if tested this result is included in the 2002 report but has no bearing on the filter grade. An explanation for electrostatic potential can be found in the Fundamentals section.

In the 2002 edition only average arrestance or average efficiency defined the filtration classification, the 2012 edition includes the result for electrostatic discharge and grades the filter based around the minimum efficiency average arrestance, average efficiency, new initial efficiency and discharged initial efficiency.

Although the report output appears the same, the filter grade can alter drastically with the potential for an F9 to EN779:2002 filter dropping to M6 to EN779:2012. If a filter which has an Average Efficiency of 98% making it F9 to EN779:2002, has an initial discharged efficiency of 30% then it's new classification for EN779:2012 will be M6.

Eurofilter has created a straight forward chart explanation below, which graphically explains the difference between the two standard revisions. The full resolution image can be downloaded to clicking the image.

2002 to 2012

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