Gas Turbine Filtration


EN779:2012 'Particulate air filters for general ventilation - Determination of the filtration performance' is the latest European Committee for Standardisation approved release, prepared by the Technical Committee CEN/TC 195 “Air filters for general air cleaning”. The standard is a single part and can be obtained through country specific vendors for example BSI in the United Kingdom.

The standard focuses on 'Average arrestance', 'Average efficiency' and 'Minimum initial efficiency', where the filter is classified based around the lowest value achieved. For an explanation to the difference between the previous release of EN779:2002 to the latest release of EN779:2012 please click here.

Each filter is graded by it's achievement in the catagories above to the levels in the chart below, over 70% initial efficiency and 95% average efficiency will equate to an F9 filter which is the highest classification in the EN779 standard. Eurofilter can supply filters at each grade covering all environments, please visit our Product Selector for more details. For filters with increased efficiency, please review our EN1822 range.








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