Gas Turbine Filtration

Eurofilter E10

Key Product Features

  • Eurofilter Gas Turbine products are designed with a combination of interchangeable parts to suit the environmental challenge at each site, including a variety of installation and mounting mechanism of choices available.
  • Eurofilter-Clench - an inner and outer clenched liner provides an excellent mechanical lock without damaging the liner surface. Designed to comply with GE TIL 1571.
  • Eurofilter-Bead technology maximizes dust release space, pulsable surface area and provides an even and consistent pleat spacing to prolong the life of the filter.
  • 100% synthetic media constructed from an extruded ultra-high-molecular-weight Polyethylene [UHMWPE] laminated to a wet laid polyester support layer provides significantly higher value to the end user leading to:
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Reduction in component replacement cost
    • Reduced downtime
    • Longer filter life and increased turbine efficiency

EN1822:2009 Particle Size Removal Efficiency

Eurofilter E10 has been independently laboratory tested and certified as an E10 filter to EN1822:2009.

Particle Size Removal Efficiency

Eurofilter Pulse Life Comparison

Dust holding capacity is a good indication for the life of a depth loading filter. The new Eurofilter E10 filter is a surface loading product which requires a Eurofilter Pulse Life Comparison to provie an indication of filter life. The Eurofilter Pulse Life Comparison test mimics the pulse specification for a standard gas turbine site and shows an improvement on life compared to a cellulose and synthetic blend product.

E10 Pulse Life Comparison

Eurofilter Hydrophobic Soak Test

Eurofilter check each filter for hydrophobic potential by submerging filter cartridges in water for 24 hours; after which the filter is removed and air drawn through it while differential pressure is recorded. The Eurofilter E10 product is a significant improvement over a cellulose and synthetic blend product.

Hydrophobic Soak Test

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